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DB made this Freedom of Information request to Federal Court of Australia

This request has been closed to new correspondence from the public body. Contact us if you think it ought be re-opened.

The request was partially successful.

Dear Federal Court of Australia,

Under the FOI Act, I seek access to email correspondence between the Chief Executive Officer and Principal Registrar of the Federal Court, Mr Warwick Soden, and the Australian Public Service Commissioner, Mr John Lloyd (in his capacity as Public Service Commissioner or otherwise), between the period of 1 January 2015 to the date of this application.

For the avoidance of any doubt, my request refers to email documents (and any related attachments) sent by Mr Soden to Mr Lloyd, as well as email documents (and any related attachments) sent by Mr Lloyd to Mr Soden (including where Mr Soden has been cc'd).

Documents falling within the scope of my request can be quickly identified and retrieved by searching all items (including archived items) in Mr Soden's email account profile according to persons sent to, and received from.

I am willing to agree to the Federal Court redacting, from any relevant document, the personal information of any person mentioned in that document, except where that person was, at the relevant time: i) a public servant; or ii) a member of parliament.

Noting paragraphs 6.153-6.154 of the FOI guidelines, this refinement of my request should negate any need for the Federal Court to consult with any third parties under s.27A of the FOI Act.


John Mathieson, Federal Court of Australia


Dear DB,


I refer to your request (below) received this morning seeking access to
the email correspondence specified.


I am authorised under subsection 23(1) of the Freedom of Information Act
1982 (FOI Act) to make decisions on behalf of the Federal Court of
Australia in relation to requests under the FOI Act.


The 30 day statutory period for processing your request commenced from
today.  That statutory period may be extended if the Court needs to
consult third parties or for other reasons.  You will be advised should
any such situation occur.  I note your agreement to redaction of personal
information from any relevant document and your belief that this should
obviate the need for third party consultation.  If no extension of the
statutory period occurs then you can expect a decision from the Court on
your request by 26 March 2018.


Please note that information released under the FOI Act may later be
published online on the Court’s disclosure log, subject to certain
exceptions (e.g. personal information will not be published where this
would be unreasonable).


In the absence of advice on an alternative means of contract, the Court’s
contract with you will be to the email address you have provided in your
request.  If you have any questions, please contact me by email or phone
(details below).




John Mathieson | Deputy Principal Registrar

Principal Registry | Federal Court of Australia

Law Courts Building, Queens Square, Sydney NSW

p. 02 9230 8336 | e. [email address]



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Dear DB,


Please find a response to your FOI request.


Kind regards


FOI Officer

Federal Court of Australia