FOI Request For Copies of Defence Instructions Relating to the DFRDB Scheme

Brett Wilson made this Freedom of Information request to National Archives of Australia

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National Archives of Australia did not have the information requested.

Dear National Archives of Australia, FOI-Archives Officer

It is requested a search be conducted so as to locate all ''Defence Instructions'' which relate to the DFRDB scheme, particularly all Instructions related to DFRDB that have been promulgated on and after the DFRDB Act was enacted in June 1973 and after the Defence Force (Retirement and Death Benefits Amendments) Act 1977 was enacted in February 1977.

It is also requested that this include all Defence Instructions relating to the DFRDB Scheme up to date 07 Sep 1991.

If you require any further information, please contact me.

Yours faithfully,

Brett Wilson

FOI, National Archives of Australia

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National Archives of Australia




National Archives of Australia
National Reference Service

Reference: NAA1000308935

Dear Mr Wilson,

Thank you for your inquiry.

As commonwealth government publications, Defence Instructions are in the
public domain, and are held by the [1]National Library of Australia: You
may need to ask the assistance of a [2]librarian in order to find the
information you require.

Two Series that appear to be Defence Instructions are also registered on
our online RecordSearch database, one with the Australian War Memorial -

Series number AWM176
Title Defence instructions
Accumulation dates circa 01 Jan 1968 -
Items in this series on No items from the series are on RecordSearch.
RecordSearch Please contact the [3]Australian War Memorial
if you need assistance.
* 01 Jan 1968 -
Agency/person recording [4]CA 46, Department of Defence [III],
Central Office
* 01 Jan 1968 -
Agency/person controlling [5]CA 46, Department of Defence [III],
Central Office
System of arrangement/ Chronological
Predominant physical format PAPER FILES AND DOCUMENTS
* [6]AWM331, Department of Defence Control
Related series Registers - Defence Declassification
Date registered 07 Jun 1990

...and another with the National Archives -

Series number A14502
Title Defence Instruction (Army)
Accumulation dates by 01 Jan 1977 - by 31 Dec 1979
Contents dates by 01 Jan 1977 - by 31 Dec 1979
Items in this series on No items from the series are on RecordSearch.
RecordSearch Please contact the [7]National Reference Service
if you need assistance.
* 01 Jan 1977 - 31 Dec 1979
Agency/person recording [8]CA 46, Department of Defence [III],
Central Office
Agency/person * [9]CA 46, Department of Defence [III],
controlling Central Office
System of arrangement/ Annual single number series
Range of control symbols 1977/1 to 1979/1
Predominant physical BOUND VOLUMES
This series refers to Defence Instructions
(Army) – DI(A). The Instructions cover the
period 1977 to 1979 (inclusive). Defence
Instructions detailed the policy and procedural
guidance, roles and responsibilities,
governance and analysis and learning
requirements for each instruction. They were
usually to be applied throughout the Army by
Series note all military and civilian personnel and Army
Cadets. They also included related policy and
procedures and were updated periodically as
prevailing structures and circumstances
changed. They were issued by the Chief of the
Army (CA) and each Instruction had a sponsoring
branch and Instructions were prefixed by the
relevant branch that is Operational (OPS),
Personnel (Pers) or Logistics (LOG).

Although these Series are both registered on RecordSearch, there are no
actual items in our collection, and probably none in the War Memorial's

If you are unable to access the material you require via the National
Library, please contact us (and/or the [10]AWM) and we can contact the
Department of Defence on your behalf, and request that relevant material
be transferred to the National Archives for public access under the
Archives Act.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us again.


William Edwards

Reference Officer
National Reference Service

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Hi Leslie

As discussed - many thanks.


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