Handling procedure for a man in common law

i: a man; Shaun made this Freedom of Information request to Court Services Victoria

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Court Services Victoria did not have the information requested.

Dear Court Services Victoria,

i require the internal document(s) for the procedure, directive(s), policy, (or other documents) that describe how a qualified employee, PUBLIC SERVANT (or other) of the Victorian Supreme Court handle the following:

The Victoria Supreme Court is a Court of Law and a Court of Record and a common law Court and available to any PERSON (or other legal entity), man or woman. There is no publicly available procedure on how a qualified employee, PUBLIC SERVANT (or other) of the Victorian Supreme Court (or Court Registry, or other) must handle a claim by a man or woman that wishes to prosecute said claim in common law at the Victorian Supreme Court venue.

I require the document(s) that describe the procedure, directive, policy (or other) that a qualified employee, PUBLIC SERVANT (or other) of said Supreme Court (or Court Registry, or other) would depend on, when a man or woman wishes to prosecute a claim in common law at the said Court venue, and, to ensure the right of said man or woman is not denied or deferred.

dated the 1st day of November 2021

i: a man; Shaun

CSV-JS-FOI (CSV), Court Services Victoria

Dear Shaun,

Thank you for your query below.

Court Services Victoria (CSV) is a statutory body corporate established to provide administrative services and facilities to support Victoria’s courts and tribunals and holds documents of that nature. The FOI Act creates a general right of access to documents of an agency. Whilst CSV is an agency and subject to the FOI Act, Victorian courts are not.

Your query indicates that the documents you seek relate to the judicial functions of the Supreme Court of Victoria. Accordingly, the documents you seek are not available from CSV under the FOI Act and you will need to contact the Supreme Court directly.

For more information please see the following link: https://www.supremecourt.vic.gov.au/goin.... You may also contact the Supreme Court of Victoria by email at [email address].

Kind regards,

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