How a participant is placed with an employment service provider

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From: Gaius Maxwell


Dear Minister for Social Services,

I am seeking any information about how the centrelink systems place a participant with an employment service provider.

I assume the system matches based on location, but what other parameters determine the placement? is it simply alphabetical, or are there other contributing factors that push the system to place a participant with 1 provider over another?

Has there been any directive from the Minister regarding the placements, E.G to prioritise a particular ESP?

I would also like any data or information regarding the pricing of fees paid to ESPs for work-for-the-dole vs. partial and full outcomes, and how the fees were determined, and/or which body was responsible for the modelling of the fees, and/or how the fee amounts are supposed to assist or encourage ESPs in helping job seekers to find work (if at all).

Yours faithfully,
Gaius Maxwell

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