How many positive drug and alcohol tests were there 17th-20th November 2016 when the Victorian police conducted a road blitz at Koonoomoo Vic?

Olwyn Mathers made this Freedom of Information request to Victoria Police

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The request was refused by Victoria Police.

Olwyn Mathers

Dear Victoria Police,
Could you please give me the numbers of positive drug and alcohol tests there were when police held a road blitz at Koonoomoo Vic, 17th to 2oth November 2016. I believe the main presence of the police was on the 20th Nov. I know a number of charges were made but I presume some of those tested may have had lower readings. I would also like to know if there were any charges made for possession of illegal substances at this time.

Yours faithfully,

Olwyn Mathers


Ms Mathers,

I should explain that the role of the Freedom of Information Division for Victoria Police is to receive and process requests made under the Act on behalf of the Chief Commissioner and to provide responses to those requests in terms of the provision of documents. This does not extend to the provision of information or the answering of questions.

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Victoria Police FOI Division

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