Incident Response Vehicle, Process & Costs

Philip Swift made this Freedom of Information request to Australian Rail Track Corporation Limited

Currently waiting for a response from Australian Rail Track Corporation Limited, they must respond promptly and normally no later than (details).

From: Philip Swift


Dear Australian Rail Track Corporation Limited,

What technologies do you possess / use that are similar to the innovative all-in-one response vehicle that can stop and direct motorway traffic after incidents – then clean up spillages and repair the road afterwards.

For further information about the stated process, please see:


1. provide a 2019 example of the technology being used with costs (but personal information redacted) i.e. the attendance records, times, events and ultimate breakdown of charges for the attendance, spill repair technique involved to departure and advise:

a. When was the process incepted?
b. What problems/issues have the process given rise to if any?
c. What reduction is road-surfacing has been achieved?
d. What savings have this process achieved?

If you are not the appropriate authority i.e. you do not hold this information, please could you advise to whom I should direct my request

My thanks in anticipation

Yours faithfully,

Philip Swift

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