Is your Department in possession of the following NBN design standard document

Timothy Nothdurft made this Freedom of Information request to Australian Communications and Media Authority

The request was successful.

From: Timothy Nothdurft


Dear Australian Communications and Media Authority,

Are you in posession of the following document?

Design and architecture decisions for MTM Distribution Fibre Network (DFN) - named document;NBN-NTO-EDS-359 Network Design Rules MTM Distribution Fibre Network

And if so I'm requesting a copy released to the Australian public to ascertain NBN is following best practices.

Yours faithfully,

Timothy Nothdurft

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From: Carmel Roberts
Australian Communications and Media Authority

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Dear Timothy


I have attached for your information a letter regarding your recent
Freedom of Information request.



Kind regards




Carmel Roberts


Senior Lawyer

Content, Consumer and Citizen Team, Legal Services Division


(Part time – Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday)

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