Non-APS Contractors

John Smith made this Freedom of Information request to Department of Defence

Currently waiting for a response from Department of Defence, they must respond promptly and normally no later than (details).

From: John Smith


Dear Department of Defence,

I seek the following under FOI;

A document that contains a list of all the position/job titles of every non-APS contractor working within your department.

e.g. a position title may be: 'security guard', or 'consultant', or 'APS3 FOI officer', etc.

You may omit repeating a position title when there exist multiple contractors who have that position title. Additionally, if it would not be too onerous, please indicate the number of contractors that hold each position title.

If no such document exists please produce a document containing the information under s17.

Yours faithfully,

John Smith

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From: FOI
Department of Defence

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Good afternoon


Thank you for contacting Freedom of Information at the Department of

We have received your email and you will be advised of the status of your
inquiry by an FOI team member soon.


Kind regards


Freedom of Information
Enterprise Reform Branch | Governance and Reform Division | Department of
e [1][email address]

IMPORTANT: This email remains the property of the Department of Defence.
Unauthorised communication and dealing with the information in the email
may be a serious criminal offence. If you have received this email in
error, you are requested to contact the sender and delete the email




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From: FOI Case Management
Department of Defence


Dear Mr Smith


I refer to your correspondence of 30 July 2020 seeking access,  under the
Freedom of Information Act 1982 (FOI Act) to documents held by the
Department of Defence (Defence). This email is to advise you that your
request has been received and allocated to a Case Manager.


The scope of your request is:


“a document that contains a list of all the position/job titles of every
non-APS contractor working within your department.”


Please note that Defence does not release information that is considered
‘personal information’ of individuals other than the applicant; this
includes private email addresses, signatures, personnel (PMKeyS) numbers
and mobile telephone numbers, unless you specifically request such
details. Defence excludes duplicates of documents and any documents sent
to or from you. Furthermore, Defence only considers final versions of


If you are seeking personal details of other individuals, please advise
this office by 14 August 2020 so that the decision maker can consider your


Defence may impose a charge for the work involved in providing access to
the documents in accordance with the Freedom of Information (Charges)
Regulations. You will be notified separately if your request attracts a
charge. Please note that there is no charge for documents that contain the
personal information of the applicant.


The statutory deadline for you to receive a response to your request is 29
August 2020.


Please note that where the due date falls on a Saturday, Sunday or public
holiday, the timeframe will expire on the next working day. This is in
accordance with the FOI Guidelines issued by the Office of the Australian
Information Commissioner.


I am the Case Manager for this request. Should you have any questions
relating to your request, please do not hesitate to contact me via email
to [1][email address].





FOI Case Management

Department of Defence

[2][email address]



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