Number of approved citizenship applicants awaiting ceremony at willoughby city council and Georges river council

Currently waiting for a response from Department of Home Affairs, they should respond promptly and normally no later than (details).

Dear Department of Home Affairs,

I would like to receive the information or any documents showing the number of citizenship applicants awaiting for ceremony at Willoughby city council and Georges river council in NSW please.

Yours faithfully,

FOI, Department of Home Affairs

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FOI, Department of Home Affairs


In reply please quote:
FOI Request: FA 21/05/01397
File Number: OBJ2021/16274

Dear Joan
Acknowledgement of Freedom of Information Access request
I refer to your correspondence received on 31 May 2021 seeking access to documents held by the Department Of Home Affairs (the Department) under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (the FOI Act).

Scope of request
You have requested access to the following:

the number of citizenship applicants awaiting for ceremony at Willoughby city council and Georges river council in NSW

Your request was received by the Department on 31 May 2021 and has been allocated FOI request number FA 21/05/01397. Please include your FOI request number in all correspondence with the Freedom of Information Section.

Timeframe for receiving your decision

The statutory timeframe for processing a request is 30 days from the date upon which your application was received by the Department.

Your review rights in relation to your request are available on the website of the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner here.

Exclusion of staff details

The Department’s policy is to exclude the personal details of staff not in the Senior Executive Service (SES), as well as the direct contact details of SES staff, contained in documents that fall within scope of an FOI request. If you require personal details of non-SES officers, or direct contact details of SES staff, please inform us so the decision maker may consider your request. Otherwise we will take it that you agree to that information being excluded from the scope of your request.

Duplicate documents

If the FOI decision-maker deems a document to be a duplicate, they will not assess those pages as part of your FOI request. This means that if a there is a decision to release the document to you, you will receive only one copy, even if multiple copies of that document exists.

Publication of document

Where documents are released to you in response to your request, the Department may be required to publish these documents on its website within 10 working days in accordance with section 11C of the FOI Act. Publication will not be required where the documents contain personal or business affairs information.

Contacting the FOI Section

Should you wish to discuss your request you may contact the FOI Section at [Department of Home Affairs request email].

Kind Regards,

Position number: 60028261
Authorised FOI Officer
Freedom of Information
E: [Department of Home Affairs request email]


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