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Nelson Tucker made this Freedom of Information request to Australian Federal Police

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From: Nelson Tucker


Dear Australian Federal Police,

My Name is Nelson,
There are over 82 million live chat rooms online in todays society where 82% of sexual grooming accrues. With only at least 1 in 3 people will report sexual crimes to a trusted adult, I am requesting any documents or those a like regarding formal complaints made by Parents/Guardians or children/Teens to Law enforcements between 2012-2014 in regards to children/teens between Grade 5 and Year 8 (12-14)?

Yours faithfully,

Nelson Tucker

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From: FOI
Australian Federal Police

Thank you for your email.

Please note that this is an automated response to confirm that your email was sent to the Australian Federal Police FOI inbox.

This FOI inbox is monitored by the Information Access team between 8am and 4pm Monday to Friday.

If you wish to lodge a request for access to documents under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (FOI Act), please ensure that your request is in writing, states that it is an application for the purposes of the FOI Act and provides sufficient detail describing the documents you wish to access.

If you are requesting personal information about yourself then please ensure you enclose a copy of your photographic identification.

Further details on how to make a valid FOI request can be found on the Australian Federal Police’s website at:

The Australian Federal Police will acknowledge your request in accordance with the legislative requirements of the Act.

Information Access can be contacted on 02 6131 6131

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From: FOI
Australian Federal Police

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Dear Mr Tucker,


Your Freedom of Information Request


I refer to your application dated 4 November 2015 in which you seek access
to documents under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (the Act).



Information considered irrelevant to the scope of your request


The AFP, in its management of FOI requests, excludes the following
information on the basis that is irrelevant to the scope of a request:


-      Names of AFP members, other than the Senior Executive.

-      Direct telephone numbers and mobile telephone numbers of AFP

-      Duplicate documents, including duplicate emails.  The AFP will only
provide emails where they form a final email chain and the
authors/recipients are contained within the final email. 

-      Information that is publicly available, for example, newspaper
articles, online publications including information available on the AFP
Information Publication Scheme and the AFP disclosure log.


If you object to the AFP excluding any of the above information, please
advise this office within seven days of receipt of this letter.


Your request was received by this agency on 4 November 2015 and the 30 day
statutory period for processing your request commenced from that date.


You will be notified of any charges in accordance with the Freedom of
Information (Fees and Charges) Regulations, should they apply, in relation
to your request as soon as practicable. 



Information Publication Scheme


Please be advised that in accordance with section 8(2) of the Act, an
agency is required to publish information on their website following the
notification of a decision in respect of a freedom of information


The requirement to publish information released under FOI reinforces the
objectives of the FOI Act to promote a pro-disclosure culture across
government and to increase recognition that information held by government
is a national resource.  Exceptions to the requirement to publish
information would apply to personal information and information concerning
the business affairs of a person if it was considered ‘unreasonable’ to do
so.  Details of the decision may be published in a Disclosure Log which
can be found at


If, however, after noting the above, you wish to raise any concerns about
the publication of information concerning your request prior to the
notification of a decision, please advise this office in writing before 4
December 2015.  If you do not raise any concerns prior to the date of the
decision, the AFP will publish the information as notified to you in the



Yours sincerely,



Tel +61(0) 2 61316131




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From: FOI
Australian Federal Police


Dear Mr Tucker

To enable the AFP to process your request you will need to provide further information about the documents you seek. Section 15(2)(b) of the Freedom of Information Act 1982 states that an applicant must "provide such information concerning the document as is reasonably necessary to enable a responsible officer of the agency [AFP], or the Minister, to identify it..."

As it stands, your request is quite broad and the AFP is not able to determine which documents you seek. For instance, which jurisdiction are you referring to? The AFP has offices in all States of Australia. It is not clear whether you are referring to crimes committed on school premises or only children between the agencies of 12 and 14? Are you able to provide information about particular incidents? Without information about particular incidents or investigations, it is unlikely the AFP would be able to search for documents based on the parameters you have provided. What particular types of complaints are you referring to? There are a number of different categories of sexual crimes, are you able to specify specifically what you are referring to?

Please note also, given the breadth of the request you might wish to consider requesting statistics rather than documents as any personal information about other individuals for which we do not have consent to release would not be released to you.

Please provide a response within 14 days. Should we not receive a response your request will be deemed withdrawn.

Yours sincerely


Tel +61(0) 2 61312808 Ext 142808

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