Opportunity Class students, Selective School assessment scores moderated seperately from other kids in the school

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From: Aby


Dear NSW Department of Education,

In a school with Opportunity Class are the marks for Opportunity Class students sent and moderated seperately from the rest of the school scores for selective school exam? For eg. If my child is in Opportunity Class then will his marks be moderated according to the Opportunity Class students in his school or will his marks be moderated based on the overall performance of the school (OC and non OC students).

Yours faithfully,


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From: Pollak, Magda
NSW Department of Education

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Dear Correspondent


Schools with opportunity classes are requested to provide school
assessment scores that rank their candidates on the same scale whether
they are from the opportunity class or not. When these school assessment
scores are moderated after the students sit the test the moderation is
also carried out on the basis of the mean and standard deviation the
entire candidature (whether from an opportunity class or not) of that
school gained in the test



Yours sincerely


(Ms) Magda Pollak
Leader | High Performing Students Unit
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