Parking fines statistics on Metropolitan Road, Enmore 2016 Nov - 2017 Nov

Lou Watson made this Government Information (Public Access) request to NSW Office of State Revenue

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The request was refused by NSW Office of State Revenue.

Dear NSW Office of State Revenue,

I am seeking statistics of how many vehicles were issued parking fines on the entire Metropolitan Road in Enmore for the period 1 November 2016 until 1 November 2017.

I also would seek a breakdown of type offences with the number of vehicles got fine with each offence type, especially for the offence "parking within 10m of the intersection without a traffic light'.

I am seeking this under FOI Act or under the Right to Know Act in NSW.

Yours faithfully,

Lou Watson

Hi Lou,
Thank you for your inquiry.
The information you have requested is best suited to being dealt with as a formal application under the GIPA Act.
In order to lodge a formal application, please follow the instructions in this link:
Once DFSI has received your application along with payment of your application fee, will be begin processing your application.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to conact me.

Andrew Filocamo
Advisor, Ministerial Services (GIPA and Privacy)

Office of the Secretary
Department of Finance, Services and Innovation
GIPA & PRIVACY HOTLINE: 02 9619 8672
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Level 22 West, McKell Building, 2-24 Rawson Place, Sydney NSW 2000

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Locutus Sum left an annotation ()

The applicant has not told Right to Know the status of this request and I have been asked to update the status.

Note 1: Mostly I classify a response like this one to say "clarification requested" because the agency has told the applicant that some more information (or money!) is needed before the request will be processed. With this request, I have put the response in the category of "refused" because it is some time since the agency responded and the applicant does not appear to have made a follow-up. It is possible that a follow-up has been made by the ordinary post or by private email but Right to Know has not heard anything about this. Even if the applicant did not follow-up agency questions, it does not mean that the agency will refuse the request when an application is made in the correct (required) manner.

Note 2: Although an application under the Freedom of Information Act 1983 of the Commonwealth of Australia does not require an application fee, this is not the case with applications in the states and territories of Australia. Then an applicant must usually pay a fee, or the request is not valid. Also, the Commonwealth agencies might demand payment of a fee to cover extra processing costs. If the fee is not paid, the request will not be processed.