Payment Schedule for a man or woman

i: a man; Shaun made this Freedom of Information request to Federal Court of Australia

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The request was successful.

Dear Federal Court of Australia,

i require the internal directive, procedure, training documents (or other documents) that relate to the following:

1. There is no public document or evidence that a man or woman that wishes to prosecute a claim in a common law Court of Record at the Federal Court of Australia venue must pay to prosecute said claim - Only legal entities such as a Natural Person and a Corporation are required to pay for the privilege to be in the Federal Court of Australia, i, require the said payment schedule documents that relate to a man and/or woman.

2. The Magna Carta (1297) 25 Edw 1 c 29, reads:
"We will sell to no man, and we will not deny or defer to any man, either justice or right"; is there a said internal document that is contrary to said Magna Carta that gives a qualified employee, PUBLIC SERVANT, or other, the right to sell a man (or woman) justice or right?

dated 6th day of December 2021

i: a man; Shaun

External FOI, Federal Court of Australia

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Dear Shaun

Please find attached correspondence from the Federal Court of Australia.

Kind regards

FOI Officer
Federal Court of Australia

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