Phone-in Quiz Show Policies

Corin Tentchoff made this Freedom of Information request to Australian Communications and Media Authority

Australian Communications and Media Authority did not have the information requested.

From: Corin Tentchoff


Dear Australian Communications and Media Authority,

I hereby request, under the Freedom of Information Act (1982),
electronic copies of the following documents, please:

*All current ACMA policies, and recent (from
2012 or 2013) documents relating to said policies, regarding the
regulation of phone-in TV quiz shows.
*All documents regarding Telemedia Interactv's phone-in TV quiz
shows, if you have any.


Yours faithfully,

Corin Tentchoff

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From: Freedom of Information
Australian Communications and Media Authority

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Dear Mr/Ms Tentchoff,


I refer to your application to the Australian Communications and Media
Authority (ACMA) for access to documents under the Freedom of Information
Act 1982 (FOI Act).


On the basis of the information provided to you, we cannot accept your
request as a valid request for the reasons outlined below. Subsection
15(3) of the FOI Act requires agencies to take reasonable steps to assist
applicants to make a valid request. To that end, the information below may
be of assistance.



Paragraph 15(2) (b) of the FOI Act requires ‘such information concerning
the document as is reasonably necessary to enable a responsible officer of
the agency.. to identify it’.


Based on preliminary reviews of material held by the ACMA we do not appear
to have any policies in regards to 'phone-in TV quiz shows'. Further, we
are unable to locate any material relating to Telemedia Interactv. We note
from their website that they do not appear to have a presence in


We do however note that section 1.26 of the Commercial Television Industry
Code of Practice says:


If, during a program or program promotion, a licensee invites viewers to
use a premium charge telephone service obtain information, register
a view on a matter or participate in a competition, the licensee must
provide clearly readable information about the cost of the call.


The Code was developed and is administered by Free TV Australia, rather
than the ACMA. Free TV is an industry body that represents commercial
television providers, such as Channels 7, 9 and 10. The Code is accessible



If you are aware of the names of any shows produced by Telemedia Interactv
that are broadcast in Australia, that would be of assistance with
progressing your request.


Please advise if you wish to submit a fresh application by providing
further information outlined above.


Your sincerely,

Stephen Jones


Stephen Jones
Senior Lawyer and Freedom of Information Coordinator

Legal Services Division


Australian Communications and Media Authority

T +61 3 9963 6961   F +61 3 9963 6983

E [email address]











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