Queensland Magistrates Performing Extradition Functions

Queensland Public Records Review Committee did not have the information requested.

Dear Queensland Public Records Review Committee,

I act for Talalelei Pauga a person the subject of an extradition request pursuant to the Extradition Act 1988.
Please note that section 45B Of the Extradition Act provides:
“Magistrates and Federal Circuit Court Judges--personal capacity
(1) A function or power conferred on a magistrate or eligible Federal Circuit Court Judge by this Act is conferred on the magistrate or Judge:
(a) in a personal capacity; and
(b) not as a court or a member of a court.”

In the case of magistrates, this occurs under an arrangement between the Governor General and the Governor of the State.

Please see attached Gazette containing the arrangements in question.

Can you please advise who keeps the records of Queensland Magistrates performing those functions.

Do you regard them as public records?

I thank you in advance for your assistance.

Yours faithfully,

Greg Finlayson

QSA Res - Info (Archives), Queensland Public Records Review Committee



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With regards

Queensland State Archives


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QSA Res - Info (Archives), Queensland Public Records Review Committee

Ref 20/29979

Dear Greg

RE Queensland Magistrates Performing Extradition Functions


Thank you for your email sent 31 October 2020 seeking help to locate
records on Queensland Magistrates Performing Extradition Functions as per
Federal Circuit Court Judge extradition functions post 1988.

A Right to Information request in this instance is not applicable with
regards to Queensland State Archives. Search of our catalogue and finding
aids failed to locate any records of relevance. We suggest you contact the
Federal Court of Australia Library & Information Services (see
[1]https://www.fedcourt.gov.au/digital-law-... see their
contact page ([2]https://www.fedcourt.gov.au/contact/qld) for assistance.


Also the Supreme Court Library of Queensland may be able to assist you
with the Queensland Courts information on Queensland Magistrates
Performing Extradition Functions, see: [3]https://www.sclqld.org.au/ and
contact them at: [4]https://www.sclqld.org.au/about-us/conta... (online
enquiry form).


Good luck with your search,

Kind regards




Saadia Thomson Dwyer
Senior Reference Archivist, Access Services | Access and Engagement
Queensland State Archives | Department of Housing and Public Works
435 Compton Road | Runcorn QLD 4113

PO Box 1397 | Sunnybank Hills QLD 4109

ph 07 3037 6777 | email [5][Queensland Public Records Review Committee request email]

[6]archives.qld.gov.au  [7]facebook.com/qldstatearchives 


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