Smoking on Sydney Railway Station Platforms

Malcolm made this Government Information (Public Access) request to NSW Trains

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NSW Trains did not have the information requested.

Dear NSW Trains,

How many people have been fined for smoking on Sydney Railway Platforms

Yours faithfully,


Dear NSW Trains,
Would you please detail the number of people fined for smoking on Sydney Railway platforms in the last 12 months as I believe that no smoking laws are not being enforced causing a large number of people to smoke on railway platforms with impunity.

Yours faithfully,


Kocanovski, Jenie, NSW Trains

Morning Malcolm,

Infringements are managed by the State Debt Recovery Office (Revenue). I have attached details of their website for your reference;

Department of Finance, Services and Innovation
Tel: (02) 9619 8672
Email: [email address]

Jenie Kocanovski
Resource and Compliance Officer TfNSW
Information Access Unit
Legal and Information Access Branch

T 8202 2381 [email address]

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Inez Ryan left an annotation ()

I note the previous comment that anti-smoking laws are not being enforced.

My response to this is that I have observed some instances of enforcement, but this is vastly outnumbered by the instances in which I have observed people smoking on platforms without any attempt at enforcement.

To illustrate: there is a group of men who smoke every day at the southern end of platform 10/11 at Central station just before the Newcastle train departs at 4.45pm, and have been doing so for years. I have only once observed them being spoken to by police. The rail staff never say anything to them.

There is a woman who smokes every morning on Gosford station and I have never seen rail staff speak to her about this.

On the other hand, rail staff seem to have little patience with people smoking on the train itself. I have experienced instances where the driver refuses to depart until the men smoking (often in the toilet) get off the train.

Patsy Brogan left an annotation ()

Interesting response, and when you ask State Revenue, they'll tell you they don't handle statistical information .....and around it goes