Speed Camera operation guidlines

Johnny made this Freedom of Information request to Western Australia Police

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Dear Western Australia Police,

I would like a copy of the operation guideline for the new fixed speed camera that has been installed on Tonkin Hwy at Welshpool Rd.

Yours faithfully,

Freedom Of Information SMAIL, Western Australia Police

Good Morning Johnny,

Thank you for your e-mail received at this office on 27th April 2017 requesting access to documents under the Freedom of Information Act (WA) 1992.

In order to assist this office in responding to your request, it would be appreciated if you could complete an online application through the WA Police website (https://www.police.wa.gov.au/Police-Dire...)

By using this form, you can apply for the release of the information sought in your previous e-mail by way of a non-personal application.

This type of application attracts a fee in the amount of $30 and also requires you to provide a current form of photo identification (such as a drivers licence or passport).

Once received, an FOI application can take up to 45 days to be processed.

I am available on the telephone number or e-mail address listed below if you would like to discuss this matter further.

Thank You,

Jay INGLIS PD 88006
Acting Administration Officer
Freedom of Information
Office of Information Management
Phone: (08) 6229 5910
Email: [email address]

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