Summary of process for determining vessel names

Luke Bacon made this Freedom of Information request to Australian Border Force

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From: Luke Bacon


Dear Australian Border Force,

Could you please provide a document that contains a description of the process by which names of vessels intercepted by the Australian Border Force are produced.

For example, a list of vessels are named in this previously released document

If possible, please direct me to an existing public document or provide the document informally. If this is not possible, please proceed with this as a formal information request under the Act.

I would like to request the most recent document describing this process, but I would also like to know if this process has changed over time if you wouldn't mind letting me know if you learn about that during your search.

Yours faithfully,


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Australian Border Force

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Luke Bacon left an annotation ()

I suspect that this ABF FOI email is closed. I've sent this same request to Home Affairs now,

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