The restoration of my personal freedom and the termination of the guardianship arrangement currently in place for my trust estate.

Department of the Treasury did not have the information requested.

Gerald Hamilton

Dear Department of the Treasury,

I am writing to you today to express my desire for the restoration of my personal freedom and the termination of the guardianship arrangement currently in place for my trust estate, which is held within the Department of Treasury. As an individual of legal age, I firmly believe that I am capable of managing my own affairs and making responsible decisions regarding my personal and financial matters. I have reached a stage in my life where I possess the necessary skills, knowledge, and maturity to take full responsibility for my actions and exercise my rights as a competent adult. I would like to bring to your attention that my trust estate, which is currently under the jurisdiction of the Department of Treasury, has been subject to a guardianship arrangement that no longer aligns with my personal aspirations and goals. While I acknowledge the importance of safeguarding the interests of individuals who may require assistance, I believe that I am no longer in need of such supervision.

Yours faithfully,

Gerald Hamilton

FOI, Department of the Treasury

Dear Mr Hamilton

The Treasury does not hold trust estates of individuals or guardianship information. We will, therefore, not hold the documents that you are seeking.

The Treasury is the Government’s lead economic adviser. We provide advice to the Government and implement policies and programs to achieve strong and sustainable economic and fiscal outcomes for Australians. We anticipate and analyse policy issues with a whole-of-economy perspective, understand government and stakeholder circumstances, and respond rapidly to changing events and directions.

If you are under a guardianship, you may wish to contact your guardian or your legal adviser regarding your own personal affairs. If you are unsure about who your guardian is we suggest you make an enquiry about guardianship with your State or Territory Government. You may also wish to check your MyGov account.

We trust this information will assist you in locating the relevant organisation to contact.

Kind regards,

Freedom of Information Officer
The Treasury, Langton Crescent, Parkes ACT 2600
Phone: +61 2 6263 2800
Email: [Treasury request email]


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