Dear Australian Human Rights Commission,

There is a case called Welton vs Welton that needs to be resolved. This case is a breach of human rights violations under the Rome Statute, article 7, crimes against humanity, causing severe mental harm = State and Federal imposed Parental Alienation.

This matter has already been escalated to the Attorney Generals department, under the terms of the Welton investigation.

Please open up a formal inquiry about this matter. Please liaise with the Attorney General about this situation.

This matter cannot be resolved in the court system of Australia. It must be an independent investigation approved by the Federal Attorney General under exceptional circumstances under the rule of international law.

I am innocent of the consequences rendered on me and I would like my life back to normal ASAP. Please do not ignore this request of mercy. I've already served 6+ years and I need it to end now amicably.

The Attorney General is the first law officer of Australia. The Attorney General's promote lawyers to judges, but then let these people remain ungoverned. This cannot and will not continue in our country any longer.

There is no end date on the sentences imposed by state (IVO) and Federal (Final orders). This is excessive force and abuse of power and it must end now. This situation has caused me severe mental harm for over 6 years and it has no end date. So as stated this abuse of power must be acknowledged and investigated by the Attorney Generals (State VIC/ Federal) as it is a breach of the Rome Statute and it cannot and will not be ignored any longer.

I am not alone. There is a long list of people in this country (and around the world) in the same or similar situation. This type of Judicial misconduct cannot continue and I intend to see this through to its very end.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Welton

Dear Australian Human Rights Commission,

The Welton Investigation is state and federal court imposed sanctions that created Parental Alienation.

I am the only one with sanctions, so I am the only one with consequences… hence why I am here, doing this.

When is enough enough?

I see people actually committing crimes and getting less sentences (sanctions), and it is affecting me. I have served over 6 years and this situation has no end date.

These sanctions are a crime against humanity causing severe mental harm.

I need this situation to end, as it is the reason for my mental health. Simply, I have committed no crime that validates such excessive consequences, as such after already serving over 6 years, this now must end ASAP.

Being controlled by the system is detrimental to my health, I would like all controls and sanctions imposed on me removed ASAP.

I've been mentally impaired by this situation and I need my life back to normal ASAP.

For your consideration.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Welton

Freedom of Information, Australian Human Rights Commission

Dear Mr Welton,

Thank you for your email to the Commission.

This email was addressed to the Commission's FOI inbox but it does not contain a request for documents. The Commission is not treating this email as an FOI request.

I understand from your email that you are concerned about the outcome of court proceedings that you have been involved in, and that this is having an impact on your mental health. Free mental health support and counselling is available from organisations such as Beyond Blue (; 1300 22 4636) and Lifeline (; 13 11 14).

Kind regards,


Peter Alliott
Paralegal & Legal Research Officer

Australian Human Rights Commission
GPO Box 5218, Sydney NSW 2001
T +61 2 9284 9617
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Dear Freedom of Information,

I have several requests for freedom of information on this platform. My FOI is protected disclosure of information about case White vs White 2016, Welton vs Welton 2018, or the Welton investigation.

Please review the information provided in the link above, so we can create a case file to resolve this situation.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Welton