Ticketing system provision for a man or woman

i: a man; Shaun made this Freedom of Information request to ACT Law Courts And Tribunal Administration

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The request was refused by ACT Law Courts And Tribunal Administration.

Dear ACT Law Courts And Tribunal Administration,

Is there documented evidence that ticketing system at the said Law Courts that manages the queues to the said Law Courts service counter have provision for a man or a woman that wishes to prosecute a claim in a common law Court of Record at the Supreme Court of the Australian Capital Territory (or Magistrates Court)?

No public documented evidence can be found that said ticketing system has any such provision nor is there any public documented evidence there is provision for man or woman (only legal entities).


dated this 25th day of February 2022

i: a man; Shaun

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Dear Shaun

Thank you for your FOI request regarding our ticketing system for our enquiry counter located in the Foyer of the ACT Law Courts Building.

The ticketing system assists our organisation keep an orderly queue of persons wanting to make an enquiry at the Courts enquiry counter. Any person, whether they are representing themselves as a natural person or an entity, can choose the most relevant category from the machine that best suits their enquiry, however, a person can choose any field in the ticketing system and they are not limited by their choice when speaking to a staff member at our enquiry counter.

Section 30 (2) (a) of the FOI Act 2016 states your FOI application must include enough detail to enable an agency to identify the government information you are seeking. Could you please review the scope of your FOI request below advising if you require any further information. If the ACT Courts does not hear back from you within 3 months, your requests under FOI will have been taken to be withdrawn.

I have attached my email to you from last week outlining the court process for private prosecutions.

Kind regards

Tony | Director | Governance Team
ACT Courts and Tribunal
4 Knowles Place Canberra City 2601 |GPO Box 370 Canberra ACT 2601 | www.courts.act.gov.au

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