Weekly rollout information (Progress information) - Thursday 18 Feb 2021

Currently waiting for a response from NBN Co Limited, they should respond promptly and normally no later than (details).

Dear NBN Co Limited,

Reflecting the Government’s requirements for greater transparency as set out in the Statement of Expectations to NBN Co, I am requesting the following information under FOI:

1. Weekly progress report as of Thursday 18 Feb 2021

(Showing the progress of the rollout outlining the number of premises passed, the services activated, and those passed but currently ‘Not yet ready to connect’.)

I am requesting the information in the exact format as previously released (at no charge) by NBNco each week, the last being a Weekly Progress Report for the week ending 28 January 2021 found on NBNco's website:


That is, a breakdown by each State/Territory and totals of:
> Brownfields: (Ready to Connect and Premises Activated)
> Greenfields (New Developments): (Ready to Connect and Premises Activated)
> Satellite:(Ready to Connect and Premises Activated)
> Wireless: (Ready to Connect and Premises Activated)
> Totals: Premises in RFS Areas, Not Yet Ready to Connect, Ready to Connect, Premises Activated

Yours faithfully,