Attorney-General's Department

Part of the Attorney-General portfolio and a Federal authority, also called AGD

The Attorney-General's Department was one of the original departments established at Federation in 1901. It serves the Attorney-General's and the Minister for Home Affairs and provides policy advice and services to the Commonwealth in the following main areas: administrative, constitutional, civil, family and international law, international crime cooperation, Indigenous legal justice, law reform, bankruptcy estate administration and regulation, Commonwealth courts and tribunals, legal aid, native title, national and international human rights issues, censorship, criminal law and law enforcement, national security, emergency management, some aspects of customs and border control.

129 requests
Trial by Jury
Request sent to Attorney-General's Department by Chris H on .
Awaiting response.
This request is an application for the purpose of the Freedom of Information Act 1982. I would like to request documents or any relevant informati...
The Australian Government's shameful attitude to my allegations.
Internal review request sent to Attorney-General's Department by Greg Cadwallader on .
Awaiting internal review.
There must be a reason the Government is allowing the Commonwealth Bank to defraud Australian citizens. And there must be some sort of legislation t...
SES Pay Scales
Response by Attorney-General's Department to Todd on .
Awaiting classification.
Dear Tod Thank you for your email to the Attorney-General’s Department Freedom of Information unit. A copy of the SES Band 1 salary ranges can be f...
2016-17 Most Expensive Trip
Response by Attorney-General's Department to Jackson Gothe-Snape on .
Long overdue.
UNCLASSIFIED Dear Mr Gothe-Snape Freedom of Information Request FOI17/137   On 8 August 2017 you requested access to documents, specifically th...
Contempt of court - Hunt, Tudge, Sukkar
Follow up sent to Attorney-General's Department by Voting Public on .
Long overdue.
Still awaiting a response to my FOI request. Yours faithfully, Voting Public
Letter to the Solicitor-General
Request sent to Attorney-General's Department by Phillip Sweeney on .
Long overdue.
The document I seek is a copy of a letter sent to the Commonwealth Solicitor-General sated 27 September 2016 titled: "Re: Evidence for a Royal Commi...
Metadata retention scheme exemption
Request to Attorney-General's Department by Rodney Malone. Annotated by Locutus Sum on .
Waiting clarification.
Note to the applicant: It might be helpful to consider whether you can introduce any criteria that would reduce the number of discovered documents. Pos...
I have emailed [email address] directly with a revised request with a narrower scope of only detailed information regarding incoming and outgoing Ha...
On Feb 28 2017, you referred an FOI request from me to the Attorney-General's Office. Since then, I have not received any response pursuant to my...
UNCLASSIFIED FOI17/066; 17/4330     7 April 2017 Mr James Smith By email: [FOI #3339 email]   Dear Mr Smith   Freedom of Information Re...
Informal request for information
Request to Attorney-General's Department by Wayne Morgan. Annotated by Locutus Sum on .
Long overdue.
Thank you Mr Wayne Morgan for the extra information to rest my curiosity.
Repeal of the Australian Courts Act (1828)
Request to Attorney-General's Department by Wayne Morgan. Annotated by Locutus Sum on .
Long overdue.
For general informatoin see the Wikipedia page on the law of Australia ( ). The Australian Courts Act 9...
For Official Use Only Dear Mr Wiggum, Freedom of Information Request FOI16/179 – Invalidity of request I refer to your request made to the Atto...
In light of the Attorney-General's loss in the Federal Court today, I expect and require that you will give this FOI application the most expeditiou...
UNCLASSIFIED Dear Mr Slattery,   I refer to your email of yesterday, 30 March 2016, seeking information about an unidentified defendant's name,...
UNCLASSIFIED Good morning Mr Mezzetti   Freedom of Information Request no. FOI14/180   I refer to your request for access to documents relati...
Hi, Please cancel this request. I no longer require access to the document. Regards, Ben Grubb
Thank you for your email. This is an automated response to advise you that your email has been received by the Attorney-General's Department's FOI Co...
Village Roadshow and Copyright Reform
Request to Attorney-General's Department by Geordie Guy. Annotated by Daniel O'Connor on .
Awaiting internal review.
A few things of broad interest: 1)
UNCLASSIFIED Dear Mr Weissbacher Please find attached a decision letter of the Department in response to your FOI application. Yours sincerely FOI...
Latest Open Government Partnership documents
Response by Attorney-General's Department to Henare Degan on .
Withdrawn by the requester.
UNCLASSIFIED Dear Mr Degan You will have seen that the Hon Mark Dreyfus QC MP today announced that Australia will be joining the Open Government Partn...
UNCLASSIFIED Thank you kindly for the update. Kind Regards Margarita Constant Freedom of Information and Privacy Section | Office of Corporate Coun...

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