Minister for Communications

Part of the Communications portfolio and a Federal authority

Requests for personal documents, documents of a party political nature, or documents held in the minister’s capacity as a local member of parliament are likely to be refused. See the Information Commissioner guidelines for more details. Also, it might be easier and more direct to go to the minister's agency instead.

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Dear Applicant   Thank you for your FOI request to the Minister of Communications, Cyber Security and the Arts (the Minister).   I would be ve...
UNCLASSIFIED Dear Mr Smith,   Thank you for your email.   Please note that FOI requests for access to documents held by the Minister for Com...
FOI Delegations
Response by Minister for Communications to Ben Fairless on .


UNCLASSIFIED Dear Ben Minister Fifield has delegated FOI decision-making for requests made to the Minister's Office to his current Chief of Staff....
Weekly agenda format
Response by Minister for Communications to Jackson Gothe-Snape on .

Partially successful.

For Official Use Only   Dear Mr Gothe-Snape   Please find attached a Decision Letter in relation to your recent FOI Request.   Regards  ...
Ministerial Diary for July 2014
Request to Minister for Communications by Henare Degan. Annotated by Daniel O'Connor on .

Long overdue.

Worth following this up again given the recent court orders re AG diary being resolved?
For Official Use Only Dear Mr Fairless   Please find attached a decision letter regarding your Freedom of Information request.   Regards  ...

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