Safe Work Australia

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Leads and coordinates national efforts to improve OHS and workers compensation arrangements.

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Impact of State and Territory Legislation
Response by Safe Work Australia to Julie Middleton on .


OFFICIAL: Sensitive Personal privacy   Dear Julie   Please find attached a decision letter and associated documents pertaining to your reque...
Australian Workers' Compensation Statistics 2016-2017 by Safe Work Australia is available online:
Dear Ruth,   Please find attached correspondence about your request under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (Cth).   Kind regards,   Tay...
Social media policy
Follow up sent to Safe Work Australia by James Smith on .


Dear Indira Thank you for providing the requested information. Yours sincerely, James Smith
For Official Use Only Hi June, Thanks for your email. Safe Work Australia is a national policy making body for work health and safety (WHS) and worke...

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