Comparing statistics for Australian states and territories

Julie Middleton made this Freedom of Information request to Safe Work Australia

The request was successful.

From: Julie Middleton


Dear Safe Work Australia,

Australian Workers' Compensation Statistics 2016-2017 by Safe Work Australia is available online:

Page 26 has:
Table 15: Number and rates of serious claims, number of hours worked and number of employees, 2000–01 to 2016–17p

I am seeking statistics from 2000–01 to 2016–17 for each state or territory:

1. that made up the Australian workers' compensation number of serious claims as noted in Table 15.

2. for the number of Employees covered for workers' compensation year of lodgement. Table 15 has the number of employees increasing by 38%.

Each of the eight Australian states and territories has their own workers' compensation scheme.

Yours faithfully,

Julie Middleton

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