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Matthew Bates made this Government Information (Public Access) request to NSW Department of Education

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The request was successful.

Dear NSW Department of Education,

I request to be provided with the following information :

- In providing findings for complaints that I made via the departments Complaints process, I was advised that considerations were made using a document titled 'Greystanes High School Non Local Enrolment Policy'. When peruse the Greystanes High School website I see a link under the heading of Non Local Enrolments which directs the user to a document titled 'Enrolment of Students in NSW Government Schools'.

I would like a copy of the 'Greystanes High School Non Local Enrolment Policy' document.

Yours faithfully,

Matt Bates

IA Unit, NSW Department of Education

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Dear Mr Bates


Thank you for your email received on Tuesday 27^th August 2019 requesting
information that may be held at the Department of Education. This is being
treated as an informal request for information.


Your email will be forwarded to the relevant business centre for further


A response will be provided to you shortly.





Rebecca Crosweller | R/Admin & Information Access Officer | Legal Services

Level 5, 105 Phillip Street PARRAMATTA NSW 2150| (: 02 7814 3525 | *: 
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Dear IA Unit,

I understand that you have categorised this as an informal request however this document was referred to in formal complaint findings by the R/Director, Educational Leadership who was assigned complaints that I raised. In response to the reference to this documentation, I have unsuccessfully requested the office of the R/Director Educational Leadership for a copy of the document.

I request a formal response with the document ‘Greystanes High School Non Local Enrolment Policy’ to be provided in this forum on the Right to Know request site @ https://www.righttoknow.org.au/request/a...

Yours sincerely,

Matthew Bates

Dear IA Unit,

I pasted document within this message that I received on September 10, 2019. The communication provided included a statement 'Please note that on 22 July 2019 the Greystanes High School ‘Non Local Enrolment’ policy was replaced by the department policy ‘Enrolment of Students in NSW Government Schools Version 2’. Accordingly the Greystanes High School ‘Non Local Enrolment’ policy ceased operation on 22 July 2019'

Non Local Enrolment - Year 7 to 12

a) Parents or caregivers living outside the school’s designated local area may apply to enrol their child(ren) at the school.
b) Non local applicants should complete and submit the form “Greystanes High School Request for Enrolment” provided by Greystanes High School. This form must be completed and submitted to the Enrolment Officer with all required documentation.
c) Places for non-local applicants will be considered in the light of whole school and each academic year’s enrolment figures, given: i) the number of teaching spaces available, and ii) that sufficient buffers be left to accommodate possible new local enrolments throughout the school year.
d) Applications from prospective students are to be considered by the Principal and Deputy Principal of that Year. The criteria used to proceed to a parent interview include;
1. Student’s academic performance. 2. Student’s sporting skills and interests. 3. Evidence of participation in extra curricula activities eg- drama, dance. 4. Dire compassionate circumstances verified by a government agency or service such as Department of Community Services, Area Health Service, or Courts. 5. Siblings of a child currently enrolled at Greystanes High School who are in the mainstream.
Please note: Satisfying one or more of the above criteria does not guarantee enrolment. Offers of enrolment to non-local applicants may only be made when places are available.
e) If the application is not to be considered, the Enrolment Officer will contact the parent/carer to advise of the decision. If the application is to be considered further, an interview will be made for the parent and potential student to discuss the possible enrolment with the Principal.

To enrol in a NSW Government school the applicant must declare the information provided is correct. Provision of false information can result in the enrolment being reversed. Any decision to reverse an enrolment needs to take into account the special circumstances of the matter. This includes determining if the students was an ‘out of area enrolment’ and whether the acceptance of the enrolment application has resulted in the student gaining entry at the expense of other prospective students who may be on a waiting list. Any decision to reverse an enrolment in these circumstances should only be made with the approval of the relevant school director.
If a person provides materially false or misleading information to a school when making an application for enrolment, this is an offence which has a penalty of up to 2 years imprisonment, $22,000 fine or both – Section 307B of the Crimes Act 2900. If a person provides a statutory declaration he or she knows to be false, for the purpose of gaining entry to a school, he or she commits an offence which has a maximum penalty of 7 years imprisonment – Section 25a of the Oaths Act 1900.

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Released by NSW Department of Education under the GIPA Act 2009. Reference No: GIPA-19-364'

As per my response via email on September 12, 2019 I request :

- Confirmation of when the document 'Greystanes High School Non Local Enrolment Policy' was implemented? If not known, Can you please confirm if the document 'Greystanes High School Non Local Enrolment Policy' was in operation 5 years ago prior to being superseded earlier this year?
- Confirmation that this document, 'Greystanes High School Non Local Enrolment Policy', will be uploaded in the Right to Know link where I submitted the request with the closure of request GIPA-19-364?
- Has there been any version changes to the document 'Greystanes High School Non Local Enrolment Policy' over the last 5 years?

Yours sincerely,

Matthew Bates