Dear Australian Electoral Commission,

i, require the internal documents that state/read (or is similar to):

1. a man (or woman) in common law must always act in the capacity of a legal entity such as a public trust (also known as a PERSON); and
2. evidence that an adult public trust entity has arms, hands, eyes (and other) and can carry out actions without a man (or woman); and
3. a man (or woman) in common law has no right to be the agent of a public trust entity; and
4. the law of the land is not common law

i require any internal documents that relate to the above, the name of the public servant that made said documents and the date of making.

dated this 14th day of December 2021

i: a man; Shaun

Australian Electoral Commission

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Dear Shaun,


Thank you for your email.


The Australian Electoral Commission’s role is to conduct federal elections
and manage the electoral roll in accordance with the Commonwealth
Electoral Act 1918. As your enquiry is outside the scope of the AEC's
role, the AEC is unable to assist you. 


If you wish to make a freedom of information request that relates to the
AEC, your request must:

o be in writing;
o state that the request is an application for the purposes of the FOI
o provide information about the document(s) that you wish to access so
that we can process your request; and
o provide an address for reply. It would be helpful to include a
telephone number for contact purposes.


You can send your request by reply email to this address. Alternatively,
you can send by post to:


Attention: FOI Officer

Locked Bag 4007

Canberra ACT 2601


Yours sincerely,


Adam | Public Enquiries Officer

Australian Electoral Commission

T: 13 23 26


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