Admiralty Law power

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Dear Admiralty Rules Committee,

Good afternoon, I am very interested in any, all, words, things, items, Instruments, Instructions, Letters Patent, Acts of Common Law, any Imperial Laws in force or repealed relating to the Authority to establish a British Colony issued to Governor Philip and all Naval Officers on any voyages, ships manifests, cargo records relating directly,or indirectly where the normally the person in the Ship issued to powers to arrest, detain and similar as required for peace and harmony within the Royal Instructions Issued that REMARKABLY had ALL POWERS to leave the Maritime Jurisdiction, Admiralty Jurisdiction Laws and step on the land in Conflict with the founding vidid principles of Common Law from Magna Carta I would believe. Arrest, detain, remove the required Natural Person/s whether Ships Company, passenger etc in circumstances similar to a drunken sailor within a limited radius or determined Distance can without the Unalienable right's British Values under duress and force regularly back on the Ship and be dealt with in speedy manner under usual due process of law.

From memory, I believe it may appear in Founding Documents Gov website for First Fleet and Authority to establish a Colony by Letters Patent Authority.

Most relevant in modernized polished Instrument etc for Courts of Admiralty without Trial by Jury had often in the Colony jury of no less than 6 even in Civil Matters as Common Law Courts were under the King's Bench as Supreme Head Church of England and Presbyterian Church. Commercial Courts, Star Chamber Courts, Admiralty Courts, and relevant issues do they operate under laws in Authorised King James Bible letters Patent relating to Court matters when. Bible is used to take the Oath for being truthful and nothing less to remain in honour, especially in a Court of Equity.

Thank you for assistance in researching matter of First Fleet kindly appreciated.

Yours faithfully,
Dean Miles