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Keith Wolverton made this Freedom of Information request to Department of Defence

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Keith Wolverton

Dear Department of Defence,

I request all emails/memos/newsletters sent to all staff in the agency in the last month.

Yours faithfully,

Keith Wolverton

Hanna, Nicole MS, Department of Defence


Good morning


1.              I refer to your email below which unfortunately in its
current form is not considered valid under section 15(2)(b) of the FOI Act
[Requests for access] as you have not provided such specific information
concerning the documents as is reasonably necessary to enable a
responsible officer of the agency to identify them. 

2.              However, our office is required to assist you in revising
the scope of your request to be for access to specific documents, should
this be what you require.  Accordingly, prior to the Department accepting
your request I would seek clarification as to the documents you wish to
obtain as there is some uncertainty as to the precise documents you seek. 
Note that I must be able to task the request out to the subject matter
areas with certainly that the documents you seek can be identified to
enable proper searches, hence the necessity for clarification. In
particular, I would seek clarification as to which Defence
Groups/Services or individuals were responsible for authoring the
documents and the title/contents of the documents.

Action required

 3.               Please provide the additional clarification by 16 May

Relevant Information about the FOI Act

 4.              The Guidelines issued by the Office of the Australian
Information Commissioner are available online at
[1] and the FOI Act is
available at [2]

Further correspondence

 5.        Unless advised to the contrary, our office will use your email
address, [3][FOI #1912 email] as the primary
means of communicating with you.

Point of contact details

 6.          I can be contacted by telephone on (02) 6266 2200 or via
email at [4][email address]. Please do not hesitate to contact me
should you have any questions in relation to this matter.



FOI Operations
[5][email address]
(02) 6266 2200


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Keith Wolverton

Dear Nicole,

I wish to clarify that I don't mean every email sent to anyone in the agency; that would be too many emails. Some organisations have a practice of sending some emails to everybody, such as announcing that a new CEO was appointed or circulating a staff newsletter; that is the kind of email I am requesting.

I am not familiar enough with the Department's organisational structure to say which Groups/Services would be relevant. Some organisations have a central 'internal communications' area that sends these kinds of emails. Since the emails in question are sent to everybody, you personally probably already have them in your inbox (or in your 'deleted items' folder).

Does this clarify my request enough?

Yours sincerely,

Keith Wolverton

FOI, Department of Defence


Good afternoon Mr Wolverton

Thank you for your response and the additional clarification. Unfortunately, the scope of your request is still quite broad. Staff within the Department of Defence receive numerous emails regarding various subjects such as IT issues, IT systems availability, Agency Agreement proposals, base support notifications like power outages, building maintenance, updates on the First Principles Review and other types of announcements.

You will need to specify a subject matter for your request so we can then look at the number of documents that could potentially be in scope.

Many thanks

FOI Operations
[email address]
(02) 6266 2200

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