Any materials regarding the Australian Government and the Oscar 5 (Aus Oscar 5) satellite project

Anne Johnson made this Freedom of Information request to Prime Minister's Science, Engineering and Innovation Council

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Dear Prime Minister's Science, Engineering and Innovation Council,

I am a Post Graduate student at Flinders University researching the history of satellite development in Australia, particularly the efforts of amateur enthusiasts.

In late 1966 or 1967, students at Melbourne University founded a group who became involved in the US-led Oscar program. They built and in 1970 launched the Australian Oscar 5 satellite which remains in orbit.

I believe the students built a tracking station on the roof a University building and tested this by collecting daily weather information from orbiting satellites. I'm told a Commonwealth Government driver collected this information each day.

For research purposes, I'm interested in any materials relating to the Australian Government's awareness and involvement with the Aus Oscar 5 group.

Please feel free to contact me directly whould you require any further information.

Yours faithfully,

Anne Johnson
Department of Humanities
Flinders University
(Student ID 2147453)