Are High Risk Work Registered Training Organisations able to operate in an industrial area

Darren STANBRIDGE made this Freedom of Information request to Commonwealth Ombudsman

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Dear Commonwealth Ombudsman,
Why can holyroyd council NSW randomly fine a local rto business 3000 dollars for apparently operating outside a D.A approval. Then when asked to explain why and what they defined the business was classed as they can proclaim that they can not determine the answer and can advise an rto to contact a town planner or seek legal advice to determine if the rto (registered training organisation) is industrial comercial or an educational entity. An rto training people in high risk work licensing on industrial equipment such as forklift cranes etc as required under the regulating bodies workcover and asqa . Only to be fined and completely stopped as a business having to break its lease and move effectively jepordising its employees directors trainees family etc. For doing nothing more than training the good people of the area. This happening while other rto establishments are operating in an exact same circumstance. why can holyroyd council not make a simple determination in regards to what description a business falls under in regards to a DA. The same DA the random fine was based on.

Yours faithfully,
Darren Stanbridge.

Locutus Sum left an annotation ()

Unfortunately your letter is not a request for information under the Freedom of Information Act. So, no matter how interesting your questions are, there is nothing that obliges the Commonwealth Ombudsman to respond to you.

If you want documents from the Commonwealth Ombudsman (i.e., copies of documents you believe are in the possession of the Ombudsman) then you must give enough information to the Ombudsman to allow them to identify the specific documents you need. But your questions are more like a request for the Ombudsman to investigate something. If that is what you want, please may I suggest you to phone to Ombudsman office and ask for their help to make a complaint.

Also, your questions seem to be about a NSW government office, so the Commonwealth Ombudsman office is not the best place to ask for the answers to your questions. You might get further by asking the NSW Ombudsman ( for assistance.