Arrow Project Status and Expenditure vs Budget by Phase

William Cuffay made this Freedom of Information request to City West Water Corporation

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Dear City West Water Corporation,

I am requesting information on Project Arrow being undertaken by City West Water. Reference:

Firstly please could I have information on the following for each project phase as per article above (1. enterprise design, 2. core ERP module implementation, 3. "building out infrastructure):

- Projected start date
- Actual start date
- Projected end date
- Actual end date
- Projected expenditure ($)
- Actual expenditure ($)

If project was phased differently, please provide in whatever schedule makes sense.

Secondly, the article above states UXC as the chosen service integration vendor. Since this has been published I understand there have been multiple changes of vendor on the project. For each change in project vendor, please provide:

- contract termination information (official termination document or internal memos on the subject, etc.) to provide reasoning and justification.
- contract termination dates.
- new vendor company name, contract start date, and contract content in terms of phases within Arrow project.

Yours faithfully,

William Cuffay

Andrew Jessop, City West Water Corporation

Dear Mr Cuffay,
Thank you for your enquiry under the Freedom of Information Act 1982
I am responding as the FOI Officer for City West Water (CWW).
For a request to be valid, the FOIA requires the payment of the applicable
application fee, which at this time is $27.20.
Please forward either a cheque or money order for this amount, payable to
CWW, to myself at the address below.
As an early response to your request, however, I would wish to point out
that much of the scope of your request would likely fall under an
exemption under the FOIA.
Section 34 of the Act relates to documents relating to trade secrets, and
matters of a business, commercial or financial nature, which appears to be
the primary focus of your request.
Section 34 (3) also requires CWW to contact third parties who have
supplied documents coming within the scope of your request, which again
would appear to be likely.
I would therefore ask that you call me on the telephone number below to
discuss the request, which may assist both yourself and CWW in its
Andrew Jessop
Manager Corporate Administration
T 03 9313 8320 | F 03 9313 8648 | M 0412 085 624
E [email address]
Locked Bag 350 | Sunshine, VIC 3020
DX 30311 | Sunshine

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