ATO Contract with Macquarie Telecom Pty Limited for Sigbox Software CN3629254

Ted Pretty made this Freedom of Information request to Australian Taxation Office

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From: Ted Pretty


Dear Australian Taxation Office,

Please provide all documents relating to the Open Tender of and contract for Computer Services by the ATO awarded to Macquarie Telecom Pty Limited ("Macquarie') including documents relating to the :

1. calling of the tender
2. the contract awarded to Macquarie (please provide a copy)
3. any technical specifications or requirements issued by the ATO in relation to the tender or contract

The following references on AusTender may be helpful:

CN ID: CN3629254
SON ID: SON2914302

Agency Reference ID: 5600000858

AusTender also notes there is no confidentiality on the Contract or outputs.

Yours faithfully,

Ted Pretty
Cipherpoint Limited

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From: FOI
Australian Taxation Office

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Dear FOI Applicant,


Please see attachment.



Yours faithfully,


FOI Team



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