Au 1999 xr8 history

Paul Horwel made this Government Information (Public Access) request to NSW Police Force

Response to this request is long overdue. By law, under all circumstances, NSW Police Force should have responded by now (details). You can complain by requesting an internal review.

From: Paul Horwel


Dear NSW Police Force,

I am seeking record's service history and where the vehicle was stationed
Current rego is cc 44 dr white xr8 sedan

Yours faithfully,

Paul Horwell

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NSW Police Force

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Hello Paul,

To make a request for NSW Police Force information - you will be required
to submit a completed 'Formal access' application under the Government
Information Public Access (GIPA) Act.

Please find attached forms to be completed including a cheque, money order
or credit card authority form for the required payment of $30.00.

Please follow all instructions on the form including providing us with a
copy of certified identification and providing us with as much information
and guidance as possible about the information you require.

If you are applying for someone else's information - please be aware it is
unlikely to be released to you unless you have obtained a dated and signed
authority authorising specifically the release of that particular

NSW Police has up to twenty working days to comply with your request.

If paying by credit card, please E-mail completed forms to the NSW Police
Force Information Access Unit (IASU) at [NSW Police Force request email].

Alternatively you can post the forms to the postal address listed on the

Kind regards,

New South Wales Police Force | External Information Access Unit |
Operational Information Agency |  Phone: 02 8835 6888   |   Fax: 02 8835
6811 | Email:[NSW Police Force request email]

From:        Paul  Horwel <[FOI #4054 email]>
To:        GIPA requests at NSW Police Force <[NSW Police Force request email]>
Date:        29/08/2017 09:29
Subject:        Government Information (Public Access) request - Au 1999
xr8 history


Dear NSW Police Force,

I am seeking record's  service  history and where the vehicle  was
Current rego is cc 44 dr white xr8 sedan

Yours faithfully,

Paul  Horwell


Please use this email address for all replies to this request:
[FOI #4054 email]

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(Public Access) requests to NSW Police Force? If so, please contact us
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