auDA CEO Blair Cameron Boardman MBA (Monash) and LLM (La Trobe)

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James Andrewson

Dear Department of Communications and the Arts,

Does the auDA CEO Blair Cameron Boardman have the qualifications of MBA (Monash) and LLM (La Trobe)?

(A) There are no public records that show that the auDA CEO graduated with a LLM (La Trobe).

Type these into Google: "master of" "award of degrees" "Boardman" filetype:pdf

No records for "Cameron Boardman" or "Blair Boardman". "master of laws" "award of degrees" filetype:pdf

No records for "Cameron Boardman" or "Blair Boardman".

(B) There are no public records that show that the auDA CEO graduated with a MBA (Monash).


Given name: Blair
Family name: Boardman
Date of birth:10/12/1970
No records have been found.

Given name: Cameron
Family name: Boardman
Date of birth:10/12/1970
No records have been found.

The Hawthorn Football Club senior coach has a MBA (Monash).

Given name: Alastair
Family name: Clarkson
Date of birth: 27/4/1968
Name Qualification Conferred Faculty
Alastair Thomas Clarkson Master Of Business Administration 23-Oct-1997 Monash University


auDA announces appointment of new CEO
Posted by on 1 August 2016

The Chairman and Board of .au Domain Administration Ltd (auDA) is pleased to announce that Cameron Boardman has been appointed its new Chief Executive Officer.

After an extensive international search and recruitment exercise which attracted in excess of 150 highly qualified applicants, the board unanimously appointed Mr Boardman.

Mr Boardman is the current Executive Director for Investor Engagement within the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources and leads the Victorian Government’s investment activities within its priority economic sectors. Previously Mr Boardman was Executive Director for Innovation, Technology and Industry Programs within the Department of State Development, Business and Innovation with responsibility to implement the government’s innovation and science agenda and associated policies.

Mr Boardman has been the chief architect of the Victorian Government’s Cybersecurity initiatives which has resulted in the establishment of the Oceania Cyber Security Centre, the attraction of the first international office of Oxford University’s Global Cyber Security Capacity Centre and the development of CSIRO/Data61’s Cybersecurity Leadership and Innovation Hub. Previously Mr Boardman led the policy development on behalf of the Victorian Government regarding the implementation of the .melbourne domain.

He has further led the economic development activities for the Hong Kong SAR Government in Australia and New Zealand, and was a two-term Member of the Victorian Parliament. He holds an MBA from Monash University, a LLM from La Trobe and is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors’ course.

Chairman of auDA, Stuart Benjamin stated, "The Board of auDA is delighted to have attracted someone of the calibre of Cameron Boardman as CEO of auDA. This completes a comprehensive international recruitment exercise with an exceptionally high standard field".

"As auDA looks to the future to become better connected and engaged with its members and stakeholders, the breadth of experience that Mr Boardman brings to the position including his extensive policy development, commercial and international skills, will ensure the organisation will be exceptionally well led into the future", Mr Benjamin said.

"This is an exciting time for auDA and the broader domain and digital community. The board is looking forward to auDA re-positioning itself as the leading advocate of the .au domain space and ensuring its members and stakeholders views are integral as the National Innovation and Science Agenda continues to be implemented".

Mr Boardman is expected to take up the role by end August, 2016.

About auDA

.au Domain Administration Ltd (auDA) is the policy authority and industry self-regulatory body for the .au domain space. auDA develops and implements domain names policy, it licences 2LD registry operators in addition to providing consumer safeguards and facilitates .au domain dispute resolution policy.

Yours faithfully,

James Andrewson


Dear Mr Andewson

Thank you for your email.

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Given the current terms of your email, documents are not reasonably identifiable. As such, I am of the opinion that your request is insufficiently clear to meet the legislative requirements for a valid request under the FOI Act.

If you wish to seek access to documents under the FOI Act, you will need to specify that your request is made under section 15(2) of the FOI Act. Further, to assist the Department in identifying documents which you are seeking, you will need to provide sufficient information about the document/s to which you are seeking access.

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James Andrewson

Dear FOI Coordinator

Thank you for your email.

Blair Cameron Boardman, the current auDA CEO, was appointed at the auDA board meeting held on 27 July 2016

Please provide documentary evidence that the auDA CEO holds the qualifications which were issued in the auDA CEO media release,

i.e. Blair Cameron Boardman LLM (La Trobe) MBA (Monash).

According to the 27 July 2016 auDA board minutes:

"Peter Waite provided the board with the CEO Candidates referee checks, CV and position description (as developed by the Board)".


Meeting of the .au Domain Administration Board

27 July 2016 – 6.00pm

RACV Club, Bourke Street, Melbourne

Present: Stuart Benjamin (Chair), Tony Staley, Erhan Karabardak, Miguel Wood, George Pongas, Kartic Srinivasan, Simon Johnson (by telephone) and Grant Wiltshire (by telephone)

Observer: Peter Waite (Intersearch), and Cameron Boardman (only present during dinner)

Apologies: Julie Hammer, Joe Manariti

1. Agenda Item 1 - CEO Candidate Interview/Dinner

Peter Waite discussed the recruitment process and the methodology that had been adopted to arrive at the CEO Candidates.

Peter Waite provided the board with the CEO Candidates referee checks, CV and position description (as developed by the Board)

The Board then invited Cameron Boardman to join the meeting for dinner. The board asked Cameron Boardman various questions, and noted his responses and comments.

Cameron Boardman left the room.

8:55pm The Board recommenced its deliberations on the CEO Candidate.

Board members discussed their views on Cameron Boardman and points about his strengths and the future. Both Miguel Wood and Erhan Karabardak advised that they knew of Cameron from his days in the Victorian Parliament and attested to his character and professionalism.

Tony Staley talked about the qualities of the CEO, and in particular what auDA requires of Cameron Boardman.

Peter Waite outlined the terms of the offer and the contract.

Stuart Benjamin stressed the importance of a performance bonus being part of the package, to ensure the CEO performed.


The Board resolve to appoint Cameron Boardman as CEO of auDA, and the Board authorises the Chairman to enter into the contract of employment with Cameron Boardman.

Moved: Stuart Benjamin

Seconded: Tony Staley

Simon Johnson expressed support for the board’s decision but decided to abstain.

Resolution Carried

The board authorised the Chairman to issue a press release once the offer has been accepted by Cameron Boardman.

Meeting Closed 9:17pm


Yours sincerely,

James Andrewson

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