Australian womeen and children experiencing domestic violence, injustice and human rights violations overseas.

The request was refused by Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Dear Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade,

Am researching issues of violence, domestic violence, family violence against Australian women and their children, who may or may not be registered Australian citizens by descent, overseas.
Although many issues re Australian citizens overseas are on your website this issue is ignored. Why is this?
How many requests for assistance do you receive at consular offices and Australian DFAT offices annually from Australian women, with or without children, living overseas who are experiencing domestic violence and injustice overseas?
How many Australian women are killed or harmed by domestic/family violence overseas annually?
How much money/public funding is spent assisting innocent and vulnerable Australian women and their children experiencing domestic violence overseas annually?
How much money/public funding is spent assisting Australians who commit crimes overseas annually, i.e. David Hicks, Bali Nine, Peter Scully et al?
Past and current Australian Ambassadors for Women and Girls condone and ignore domestic violence and injustice against Australian women and children overseas, why?
What is current budget, travel and expenses funding for Australian Ambassador for Women and Girls?

Yours faithfully,
Helen Smith
Mobile: 0420 637 028
Email: [email address]
Please see three separate Submissions to Invitation to Comment on Consular Strategy
2014-16 re this issue - all ignored.

FOI, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade


Dear Ms Smith

Thank you for your email.

For your information, the FOI Act is predicated on a request for documents that have been created within a specified time frame. As you are requesting 'information', under the purposes of the Act, your email does not contain sufficient information for us to identify documents you are seeking (section 15(2) of the FOI Act refers).

We would be grateful for advice on exactly what documents you are seeking and a timeframe to enable us to conduct searches.

Yours sincerely

FOI and Privacy Law Section
Corporate Law Branch
Legal Division
Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

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