Coal seam gas locations harm to the general public

Kieran made this Freedom of Information request to National Health and Medical Research Council

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Dear National Health and Medical Research Council,

With the health risks associated with Coal seam gas, can you tell me

1, Why AGL were given permission to drill 11 coal seam gas wells (of their 66 approved applications) in high volume residential locations, with the known health risks

2, Why is Coal seam gas seen to be not harmful, i believe one of the locations is 500 meters from a school

3, Why are wind turbines seen to be harmful to the public as they cannot be less than 2kms (in the UK, is this the case in Australia too, or is the distance greater?

4, With the damage done to the water tables and peoples health by CSG in the USA, why is this being ignored here

5, Why will innocent people suffer, when we already know the outcome of this horrible industry?

Yours faithfully,


NHMRC FOI, National Health and Medical Research Council

Dear Kieran,
I refer to your request below.  
Please note that in order for a request under the FOI Act to be valid, it
must (amongst other things) be a request for documents, and must provide
enough information about the documents as is reasonably necessary to
enable the agency to identify the documents.
Your request below does not provide sufficient information for NHMRC to be
able to identify the documents you seek and is therefore not a valid FOI
request.  If you wish to make an FOI request, I suggest you consider the
requirements for a valid FOI request, available on NHMRC's FOI page along
with other information about FOI,  at
Further, to assist you to decide if you wish to proceed with an FOI
request to NHMRC, please note that NHMRC has not conducted any reviews of
the evidence in relation to potential health effects of coal seam gas.  
You may wish to make an FOI request of the Department of Sustainability,
Environment, Water, Population and Communities, for coal seam gas-related
In relation to question 3 about wind farms, you may wish to have a look at
NHMRC's web page information on wind farms before making an FOI request
for documents relating to wind farms:
Please note that NHMRC is not a regulator and does not have power to issue
rules or laws about where wind farms should be sited.  Those are issues
for State and Territory, and local, governments, so your request may be
better directed to the relevant State/Territory or local government
agencies in your area of interest.  NHMRC's role in relation to wind farms
is limited to inquiring into and  issuing advice to the community on the
evidence regarding  wind farms and their potential health effects.
Sarah Todd
For the NHMRC FOI Coordinator

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Dear National Health and Medical Research Council,

Thanks for your prompt reply, i will withdraw this request and do a little more research for specific documents.

Yours faithfully,


Dear National Health and Medical Research Council,

FOI request withdrawn

Yours faithfully,


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Issue withdrawn


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Case closed, cheers

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