COMCAR trips - Simon Birmingham

Jackson Gothe-Snape made this Freedom of Information request to Department of Finance

The request was refused by Department of Finance.

From: Jackson Gothe-Snape


Dear Department of Finance,

Can you please provide records of all bookings of COMCAR by Simon Birmingham since the later of 3 May 2007 or the date of the oldest record in the current record keeping system in a machine readable format, preferably CSV or XLS, with the following fields:

-Start time
-Finish time

These fields were requested because this information has been previously provided under FOI (

Yours faithfully,

Jackson Gothe-Snape

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From: FOI Requests
Department of Finance

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Thank you for your email to the Freedom of Information section of the
Department of Finance (Finance).  We have received your email and will
endeavour to respond to you as soon as possible.


You may view Finance’s Freedom of Information procedures and processes on


Further information relating to Freedom of Information can be found on the
Office of the Australian Information Commissioner’s [2]website.


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