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deryck polyblank made this Government Information (Public Access) request to City of Botany Bay Council

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City of Botany Bay Council did not have the information requested.

deryck polyblank

Dear City of Botany Bay Council,

A neighbour in our street has complained about my truck being parked in front of my own home. Having lived in the street for 16 years with no previous issues, I would like to know who the complainant is so I can speak with him/her and try to resolve whatever it is that has made them complain.

Yours faithfully

Deryck Polyblank
18 Dent Street Botany 2019
0412 259 990

City of Botany Bay Council


Thank you for your email.

Your request will be forwarded to the appropriate Council Officer within
the next business day. If your request is urgent, please call Reception on
(02) 9366 3666.


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Locutus Sum left an annotation ()

Notes to the applicant: (1) When you made your request you probably saw the warning about disclosing personal information. It is a bad idea to disclose your personal details on Right to Know. (2) You will find it useful to look at the page called "Trailer Complaint" ( ), to read my annotation on that page ( ). It is very unlikely that the council will tell you the name of the complainant for the reasons that I explained in my annotation.

To look at the problem of the parking from the viewpoint of a council, the only question of interest is "was the automobile parked in contravention of the regulations." If the answer is "yest" to this question, then it will not matter whether someone was inconvenienced by the parking or not. It is the same when a person does not stop at the red traffic light and a camera takes a photograph. No one is inconvenienced when a person drives (carefully and slowly) against the red light at 0400 hrs and there is no other automobile on the road ... but the camera takes a photograph because the behaviour is against the law.

Please note: I do not make these comments because I think that the law should be this way. It is this way!

Gina Nobrega,

Dear Mr Polyblank

I refer to your email yesterday requesting information regarding a complaint you claim has been made by your neighbour regarding you parking your vehicle outside your own home.

In response I can advise that a search of Council’s Archives has revealed that we hold no records relevant to your enquiry.

Kind regards,

Gina Nobrega   Administration Officer
141 Coward Street, Mascot NSW 2020
T 9366 3647
E [email address]   W

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