COVID-19 Death Statistics

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Dear WA Coroner's Court,

I am requesting - after refusal from the AU Health Department - the following:

Under the FOI Act I am requesting a summary report of all Covid-19 (SARS Coronavirus nCoV-2) deaths with ANY co-morbidities listed on death certificates and what those co-morbidities were, and additional summary of those where covid-19 was listed as the only cause.

This is for the specific reason of analytical data extrapolation to segregate those who are most at risk and subsequent help this will provide the public when making seemingly trivial but life-threatening decisions while going about their business.

I am unable to find this information online anywhere, and i believe the requested information is more than likely already available for usage, but not made public as of yet.

I am seeking the aforementioned information with a request to waive all fees due to the immense public interest this information pertains to, furthermore due to these pressing and unprecidented times - it would not be ethical on the part of the Australian Government to impose a fee on what is considered public information during a public emergency, health crisis, economic recession and financial collapse - with ramifications not seen since World War 2, as stated by public officials and media representitives in recent months, not to mention the recent findings that millenials (a group which i categorically belong to) are the MOST affected financially by this current crisis. I am willing to provide links to these statements - although I would hope that we are all on the same page with this determination of leniency as "we are all in this together" and nothing expresses this sentiment better than having an understanding that we Australian citizens are ALL unsure and anxious about the future of our beautiful nation's wellbeing, and whether our savings will ride out the waves of this economic financial burden. With honor, persistence, dignity and respect, I strongly believe we can help one another get through this.

Regarding public interest specifically - this country has never before seen as widespread as this pandemic. The full transparent cooperation of all Government agencies in these profound times is absolutely neccesary to sustain a free and democratic society.

PLEASE transfer this request to the most relevant authority if you are unable to locate any pertinent documents.
I am requesting NO duplicates and do NOT require website links to freely available information.

Yours faithfully,


WA Coroner's Court

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