Crescent Head Country Club over 55's proposal

Rob Marich made this Government Information (Public Access) request to Kempsey Shire Council

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The request was refused by Kempsey Shire Council.

Dear Kempsey Shire Council,
I am aware through the offices of Rob Stokes and Melinda Pavey that the Crescent Head is proposing to or has applied for a land rezoning to allow development of over 55's housing on land they own (and maybe land they currently lease) to the north east of the current premises.
What written or verbal approaches have been made to Council on this?
What is the area on a map that this is proposed?
Please disclose any details of the proposal that Council is aware of.

Yours faithfully,

Rob Marich

Kempsey Shire Council

Thank you for contacting Kempsey Shire Council. This message is to confirm
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service and has adopted specific service standards in relation to the
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Rob Marich left an annotation ()

Whoops! this is the Crescent Head Country Club

Vicki Thomas, Kempsey Shire Council

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Council ref: GIPA17/1


Att: Rob Marich


Thank you for your request for information.  Some of this information is
available on Council's website, as a result of a report that went to the
Crescent Head Reserve Trust R63725, with Council acting as Reserve Trust
Manager, on 20 December 2016.  The minutes of the meeting can be found
here (page 19) 
. Further information in relation to the submission were determined to be
confidential, as it involved commercial information of a confidential
nature that would, if disclosed, prejudice the commercial position of the
person that supplied it. (Local Government Act 1993, section


On this basis to determine whether to release any further information I
would require a formal application for access be completed so that I can
formally consider if there is an overriding public interest against
disclosure (if the information found on our website does not provide you
the information you are seeking).  The formal application form is also
located on our website


I have attached a fact sheet released by the Information and Privacy
Commission on third party consultation and rights for your information.
This information is relevant as it outlines the steps of obtaining
information that relates to other parties, as well as the public interest
tests that would need to be considered. Other resources from the IPC can
be found here [3] .


Yours sincerely





Vicki Thomas

Governance | Kempsey Shire Council
22 Tozer Street | PO Box 3078 | West Kempsey NSW 2440
P 02 6566 3200 | F 02 6566 3205

E [4][email address] W [5]


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Dear Vicki Thomas,
Thanks for replying. I will follow up with a request to release this further information.
In the meantime under freedom of information could if have a copy of the Crescent Head Reserve Trust R63725 Trust Deed please. Also could I have a copy of the latest financial statements for this Trust.

Yours sincerely,

Rob Marich