Deaths resulted by DHS actions

Anatoly Kern made this Freedom of Information request to Services Australia

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Services Australia did not have the information requested.

Dear Department of Human Services,

I refer for additional information related to question on notice HS 39 (SQ17-000120) asked to the department during budget estimates hearing for 2017.

Roughly based on these stats the department's actions are causing over 1000 death's per year.

May I kindly ask for the following information:

1) Is there any policy that the department has implemented to avoid this situation (even one death is too much). If so could you please provide a copy of this document.

2) Is there any 'post-mortem' investigation processes implemented for analysing and investigating the actions of the department staff under WHSA 2011 or other relevant legislation to make sure that all safety procedures were complied with?

3) Was there any reference for prosecution for any actions resulting in those over 1000 deaths per year?

Yours faithfully,

Anatoly Kern

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This is just one of the examples of the processes happening within the governments of why people need to support this system.

People are killed on a systematic basis and the only "oversight" is "eh hm, we've heard you are killing people, do you even count them somewhere?" from so-called representatives during allocation funds to this insanity.


Dear Mr Kern,


Thank you for your enquiry to the Department of Human Services
(department) dated 21 January 2020. Your enquiry was received by the
department’s freedom of information team.


The freedom of information team processes requests made under the Freedom
of Information Act 1982 (FOI Act).


Section 15 of the FOI Act sets out the requirements for a valid request.
Specifically, the request should:

·         be in writing and state that it is for the purposes of the FOI

·         have a return address; and

·         be a request for documents with enough information to enable the
department to identify them.


The FOI Act confers a right of access to existing documents, rather than
information. Should you wish to make a request under the FOI Act, you can
do so by email to [1][email address].


Further assistance


Further information on how the department complies with its obligations
under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 is publicly available on the
department’s website at


I trust that this information is of assistance. Further enquiries can be
made directly to Child Support on 131 272 (for general enquiries) or 1800
132 468 (for feedback and complaints).


Kind regards,


Freedom of Information Team

Employment Law and Freedom of Information Branch | Legal Services Division

Department of Human Services

Email: [3][email address]


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Anatoly Kern left an annotation ()

No postmortem investigations and no prosecutions with more deaths coming each year. Hello to the public ignorance of it.