Denial of auditors name and report in relation to actions of a tax agent

N.O.T. Happy made this Freedom of Information request to Tax Practitioners Board

Tax Practitioners Board did not have the information requested.

From: N.O.T. Happy


Dear Tax Practitioners Board,

i am a SMSF auditor. i lodged a contravention report with the ATO for a fund operated by a tax agent. i did so on the basis that the information provided was a lie. i understand that the ATO do not disclose to me the result of my contravention report.

Accordingly i lodged a complaint with the TPB as i consider such conduct does not fit within the definition of Integrity and Honesty required of tax agents.

I am informed by the Taxation Practitioners Board (TPB) that another auditor was appointed to the fund and that auditor has cleared the trustee of any misdemeanor.

i am satisfied as to my assessment of the position and have asked TPB for the details of that auditor in order to contact him/her to discuss their findings and obtain a copy of their report.

TPB claim that they have no authority to disclose me.

I consider this to be important to be able to fulfill my statutory obligations as an SMSF auditor.

Yours faithfully,

N.O.T. Happy

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From: FOI
Tax Practitioners Board

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Locutus Sum left an annotation ()

I have marked this request to say that the information was not held by the agency. This is not really correct. In fact, the @application@ is not an application. It is an anonymous complaint with so little information in it that it is of little use to the agency.

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