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From: Matthew Bates


Dear NSW Department of Education,

When I review the internet site which is a site for NSW Department of Education's 'GENERAL ENROLMENT PROCEDURES' I see in section '9.4.2 Criteria' that there is reference that criteria for non-local enrolments for NSW Government schools needs to be developed by the school Principal and documented.

Can I please have a copy of the current documented criteria for non-local enrolments for Greystanes High School ?

Please note that my previous GIPA request that I raised on August 27, 2019 was related to a document that Greystanes High School previously used ('Greystanes High School Non Local Enrolment Policy') which included the non-local enrolments criteria however the document ('Greystanes High School Non Local Enrolment Policy) was superseded on 22 July 2019.

Yours faithfully,

Matt Bates

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