Employee information provided to ballot agents in Enterprise Agreement bargaining

James Smith made this Freedom of Information request to Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development

The request was successful.

From: James Smith


Dear Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development,

This is a request for information under the Freedom of Information Act.

I request the document(s) which describe the data provided to the external organisation(s) responsible for conducting the ballot(s) for all Enterprise Agreements put to staff for a vote.

The scope of this request is limited only to those ballots undertaken for enterprise agreements which were proposed to take effect after 30 June 2014.

The document shall describe the data given to the ballot agent. For example, employee name, employee identification number, employee email address, etc. I exclude the data for specific employees here; I am only after the 'meta-data'.

If it assists you to treat this as an administrative request for information I encourage you to do so. Otherwise, please consider this a formal FOI request.

Yours faithfully,

James Smith

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From: FOI
Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development

Attachment Document for administrative release.pdf
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Dear Mr Smith,

Regarding your below FOI request, the decision maker has decided that it would be appropriate to release the document to you administratively, outside of the FOI framework.

The document I have attached is a page from the original proposal sent to the Department by the contracted provider, Orima. The relevant section outlines all information that was provided to Orima by the Department; I can confirm that there were no subsequent variations to this proposal. The material that has been deleted from the page relate to other sections of the proposal, and is irrelevant to your request.

I believe that this document should address your request, and I will consider your request withdrawn. Please let me know at your soonest convenience if this is not the case.


Brad Collins
Freedom of Information Officer | Governance Section
Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development
GPO Box 594, Canberra ACT 2601
e [Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development request email] | w www.infrastructure.gov.au

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