Enlistment Exclusion Medical COnditions

Trent Morrison-Francis made this Freedom of Information request to Department of Defence

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From: Trent Morrison-Francis


Dear Department of Defence,

Please provide the following details.

I am interested to find out more information on high functioning Aspergers and if it is an automatic disqualification from joining the Australian Defence Force, if so, could you attach the relevant information as to why.

Please also provide a list of the "automatic" exclusion conditions for enlistment or require a further assessment from another member of the DFR and or ADF BEFORE enlistment.

The policy and procedure required to be taken by the ADF and or DRF once a Pshycolical problem was declared and or identified in the enlistment process.

Any documents or policy in relation to the assessment of a sailor if it becomes aware during their service that they have a Psychological Disorder or Condition.

Furthermore please provide a number of ADF personnel that have been diagnosed with HIV and have their enlistment terminated and or retained employed by the ADF with restrictions. I would ask this information be broken up to years and not share any personal information just the number of identified cases.

Yours faithfully,

Trent Morrison-Francis

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