Exemptions Provided Under the Relevant Acts to Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation

Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation did not have the information requested.

Trent Morrison-Francis

Dear Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation,

Please take this request for any documents that your department holds in relation to any "Exemptions" or "Wavers" as defined by the Webster Dictionary or socially accepted definitions of the words in the country of Australia to comply with any legislation that your office has powers, authority or manages under legislation for its management as a superannuation provider.

To remove any doubt we are asking for all schemes that Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation manages including

ABN: 19 415 776 361
RSE: R1004649

ABN: 39 798 362 763

Military Super
ABN: 50 925 523 120
RSE: R1000306

ADF Super
ABN: 90 302 247 344
RSE R1077063

ADF Cover
ABN: 64 250 674 722

The period for the request relates to all documents created on or after the 01st January 2017 by either your office and or the Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation (where practicable if your office is not the creator of the documents).

Yours faithfully,

Trent Morrison-Francis



Thank you for contacting CSC. We will contact you using the email
address you have provided. Please advise if you would prefer us to use
an alternative means of contact.


FOI requests


If your email is a request for access to documents under the provisions
of the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act 1982 (FOI Act), a response will
be provided within the statutory period of 30 days commencing on the day
after the request was received by this Office. Please ensure you have
provided sufficient detail to identify the documents. Please note that
information released under the FOI Act may later be published subject to
certain exceptions (for example, personal information will not be
published where this would be unreasonable.)


Third party documents


If it is necessary to contact a Third Party for the documents,
the timeframe for the response may increase; however you will be contacted
in this case.


Privacy requests


If your request is for information/documents under the provisions of
the Privacy Act 1988, it will be processed and a response provided to you
as soon as possible.


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CSC: AFSL 238069 ABN 48 882 817 243 RSE L0001397
ADF Super : RSE R1077063
CSS: RSE R1004649
MSBS: RSE R1000306
PSS: RSE R1004595
PSSap: RSE R1004601


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Mr Morrison-Francis,


It would assist CSC in responding to your request if you could clarify the
extent of your request in relation to the type of ‘Exemptions’ or ‘Wavers’
it is you intend to seek access to.  We note the scope of this request
could result in the request being too broad to process and potentially
result in a substantial and unreason diversion of the resources of CSC
under s.24 of the FOI Act.


Best regards,


Adam Ivancic

Parliamentary and Information Release Coordinator

General Counsel Team



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Trent Morrison-Francis

Dear FOI,

The matter in relation to the scope is not broad in nature and is quite detailed.

In relation to the diversion of resources it is in the public intrest that your members of the funds know what "back door dealings" you have been doing or what exemptions you claim you hold but don't have any documents to support these.

Yours sincerely,

Trent Morrison-Francis

Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation

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Mr Morrison-Francis


I refer to your request for access to documents relating to ‘exemptions
and waivers’ under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (FOI Act).


I am an officer authorised under section 23(1) of the FOI Act to make
decisions in relation to FOI requests. I am writing to tell you that I
believe that the work involved in processing your request in its current
form would substantially and unreasonably divert the resources of this
agency from its other operations due to its broad scope. This is called a
‘practical refusal reason’ (section 24AA).


On this basis, I intend to refuse access to the documents you requested.
However, before I make a final decision to do this, you have an
opportunity to revise your request. This is called a ‘request consultation
process’ as set out under section 24AB of the FOI Act. You have 14 days to
respond to this notice in one of the ways set out below.

Why I intend to refuse your request

I decided that a practical refusal reason exists due to the large number
of documents that would have to be analysed to determine which of them are
in scope of your request.  I am satisfied that you have yet to
sufficiently refine the scope of your request to provide enough
information for us to identify the documents you are seeking access to.  I
am satisfied that processing that number of documents would place an
unreasonable burden on a limited number of CSC staff. As such, this in my
view would be a substantial and unreasonable diversion of the CSC’s
resources from its other operations.

Request consultation process

You now have an opportunity to revise your request to enable it to
proceed. Revising your request can mean narrowing the scope of the request
to make it more manageable or explaining in more detail the documents you
wish to access. For example, by providing more specific information about
exactly what documents you are interested in, our agency will be able to
pinpoint the documents more quickly and avoid using excessive resources to
process documents you are not interested in.  Before the end of the
consultation period, you must do one of the following, in writing:

·        withdraw your request

·        make a revised request

·        tell us that you do not wish to revise your request.

The consultation period runs for 14 days and starts on the day after you
receive this notice.  During this period, you are welcome to seek
assistance from the contact below to revise your request. If you revise
your request in a way that adequately addresses the practical refusal
grounds outlined above, we will recommence processing it. (Please note
that the time taken to consult you regarding the scope of your request is
not taken into account for the purposes of the 30 day time limit for
processing your request.)


If you do not do one of the three things listed above during the
consultation period or you do not consult the contact person during this
period, your request will be taken to have been withdrawn.

Contact officer

If you would like to revise your request or have any questions, contact
[1][email address]

Yours sincerely


Adam Ivancic

Parliamentary and Information Release Coordinator

General Counsel Team



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