Fabrication of news and information

Pat made this Freedom of Information request to Australian Broadcasting Corporation

The request was refused by Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

From: Pat


Dear Australian Broadcasting Corporation

i would like to request all documents, material and information corresponding to why ABC has told me that they're allowed to lie and mislead the public on their news program's

information on abc's deliberate attempt to fabricate news that is absolutely false and can be proven wrong. This is seen on multiple levels through their news and their journalism.
Yours faithfully, pat

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From: Juliana Walsh
Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Dear Pat


Thank you for your email.


Unfortunately I’m currently unable to process your request under the
Freedom of Information Act 1982, as your email does not contain sufficient
information to allow me to effectively and efficiently identify the
documents you seek.


Please note that the FOI Act provides applicants with an opportunity to
request access to documents, rather than information.


If you would please provide a request that contains specific information
about the documents you wish to access, I would be grateful. For example,
please provide specific details about: the type of document/s; a
reasonable and specific timeline within which those documents may have
been created or received by the ABC;  a specific person or persons, or
department of the ABC, that may hold the documents you seek, or any other
information that would assist me in my search.


If you would like to request information from the ABC, or make a complaint
about its programming or services, please use the online form available
here [1]http://www.abc.net.au/contact/contactabc...


Information about our Editorial Standards and Policies is available here


Kind regards


[3]ABC Juliana Walsh
Corporate Compliance Coordinator
P +61 2 8333 5304 E [email address]







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Locutus Sum left an annotation ()

Refused because the application is too vague. It does not meet the requirements of the FOI Act. The applicant did not respond to request for clarification.

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