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Ben Fairless made this Freedom of Information request to Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research

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From: Ben Fairless


Dear Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research,

Under section 23 of the Freedom of Information Act, the principal officer or minister can make arrangements to give their decision making powers to others.

I'm hoping you can provide me with a copy of the current arrangements if possible.

If it helps, I'm happy for you to process this request under "administrative release" ( This would reduce the cost and time required to make a formal decision.

That said, I understand sometimes you want the request to be formal. If you won't process it informally, please process my request for the document as a formal FOI Request.

Please note - While I volunteer for Right to Know, this request is made in a personal capacity and not on behalf of Right to Know.

Yours faithfully,

Ben Fairless

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Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research

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